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Pace Law excels as a leading authority in the multifaceted sphere of wills and estates law. Our steadfast commitment to excellence enables our seasoned legal experts to steer clients through convoluted procedures. We offer peace of mind, securing your legacy.

When it comes to planning for your family’s future, opting for Pace Law is not just a wise decision, but crucial. Confide in us for your legal needs. As a team, we’ll tackle the challenges you may face, fulfilling your wishes and shielding your loved ones.

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Wills and Estate Planning

Life’s uncertainty necessitates preparing for what lies ahead, no matter the circumstances. A succession plan is essential, irrespective of your estate’s size, the worth of your possessions, or your marital or parental status.

For over three decades, our estate lawyers at Pace Law Firm in Toronto have assisted clients in safeguarding their estates and devising succession strategies. Our team is committed to understanding your immediate and long-range objectives, familial relationships, and unique situations in order to create a bespoke estate plan. As you invest your life in amassing your estate, trust our proficient legal experts to ensure the realization of your desires, granting you serenity.

Estate Planning: Wills

Delineating the allocation of your assets posthumously is vital to guaranteeing the well-being of your family and loved ones after your departure, as well as ensuring your assets are apportioned according to your wishes. A will stands as the optimal method for communicating your postmortem preferences. An expertly crafted, current will ought to serve as the foundation of your comprehensive estate plan.

In the absence of a will (termed “dying intestate”), intestacy regulations come into play, leading to an equitable division of your assets among your surviving kin (e.g., spouse, offspring). This could potentially deviate from your desired distribution. Furthermore, until an executor is designated, your estate remains inaccessible, preventing family members from obtaining necessary information to cover mortgage payments, taxes, and other liabilities, ultimately jeopardizing their financial prospects.

Pace Law Firm is dedicated to precisely incorporating your intentions in a tailor-made, routinely revised will. Our tactful, empathetic, and proficient Toronto wills attorneys engage in in-depth discussions with you to grasp your aspirations, apprehensions, and distinct conditions. Our aim is to devise a will that optimizes wealth transfer to your beneficiaries while curtailing potential legal and fiscal hazards.

Business Succession Strategy

As an entrepreneur or business proprietor, contemplating the trajectory of your enterprise is essential. A meticulously crafted succession blueprint can tackle unforeseen incidents (such as accidents, illness, or demise), facilitate seamless business transfer, and bolster your family’s financial stability.


For over four decades, Pace Law Firm’s accomplished estate and corporate attorneys have guided business owners in forging their company’s legacy. Catering to businesses of various scales and sectors, we employ our proficiency and acumen to mitigate risk and prime the enterprise for sustained expansion and prosperity.

Legacy Preparation

Inheritance planning constitutes a crucial aspect of a comprehensive estate strategy, serving as an effective way to secure your offspring’s future after your passing. It is imperative to approach inheritance planning with caution to avert legal and financial complications, taking into account numerous potential scenarios.

Considerations include:

  • Safeguarding your child’s inheritance from their partner
  • Reducing probate and related tax consequences
  • Contemplating pre-mortem cash gifts to your children
  • Integrating inheritance planning with your overarching estate plan

It is essential to consult an experienced estates attorney for a thorough discussion of these matters. At Pace Law, our over 40-year track record of assisting clients in planning for their children’s financial welfare speaks to our strategic, practical, and well-informed approach. Our goal is to protect the best interests of your loved ones.

Plan for Peace of Mind

Addressing life’s uncertainties through comprehensive estate planning, encompassing wills, business succession, and inheritance planning, is vital to safeguard your assets and provide for your loved ones. We offer seasoned expertise in these areas, ensuring that your intentions are respected, risks are mitigated, and your family’s financial future is secured. With a thorough understanding of individual circumstances and objectives, we create plans to meet the unique needs of each client, ultimately providing peace of mind in the face of life’s unpredictability.

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Why You Need a Will

Writing a will is essential. It protects your assets, takes care of your loved ones, and gives you control over your estate’s distribution. Without one, the government steps in, applying provincial laws that might not suit your individual preferences or your family’s specific requirements.

A will lets you pick trusted people to manage your estate, designate guardians for minors, and donate to charities. In short, you gain peace of mind, ensuring your hard-earned legacy benefits those who matter most to you.

Do I need a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney (POA) is vital. It grants someone you trust the authority to make decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated or unable to manage your affairs. Life’s unpredictable—accidents, illnesses, or cognitive decline can happen. With a POA, you’re prepared.

You get to choose who acts for you, in matters like finances, health care, or property. This legal document ensures your well-being and preserves your interests, even during tough times. Don’t leave things to chance; a POA brings security and peace of mind.

Why You Might Need a Trust

Establishing a trust can be a smart move. It serves as a vehicle to manage your assets and benefit your loved ones, both during your lifetime and beyond. Trusts can also offer tax advantages, reducing your financial burden.

Flexibility is another perk. You decide how assets are distributed, even setting specific conditions. Trusts also bypass probate, saving time and money. In summary, a trust provides control, financial benefits, and eases estate administration—worth considering for your unique situation.

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